myfresh Air Freshener – Personal Space Hands-Free Motion Activated Air Freshener

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The air freshener for your personal spaces.  Great for home, office, auto and pet spaces.

Dry Fragrance Inserts

Liquid free, dry fragrance inserts release the right amount of light, appealing fragrance, reducing fragrance overload, and eliminating floor residue.

The myfresh is built with a small, high-velocity fan pulls air through the filters and distributes fragrance – moving 5-10 times more air than typical dispensers – exactly when and where it is needed.

Compact Design

myfresh’s compact design and motion activated release make it perfect for freshening the air exactly when and where it’s needed.

myfresh 1 Dispenser – doesn’t include refill.

Image Length Width Height Weight
Cabinet 1″ 3″ 3″ 72g


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